The Reign of King Kevin Is Near

The start of a new NBA season is upon us. I’m super excited. I feel like a giddy Ron Swanson.

It’s always fun to speculate about who’s going to win each award, but at this point, it’s pretty much a guessing game. Here’s my list of who I think will win each award, and who I want to win.

Most Valuable Player:

Who’s going to win it:

It’s been a lock for the last two years. LeBron James is going for his fifth MVP in six years. That’s insane. I don’t think he’s going to get it. LeBron has posted astronomical stat lines the last couple years. To warrant another MVP he’s going to have to show he can either keep up those numbers, or improve, and even the smallest slip is going to lower his MVP stature. He can’t afford that.

I think he’ll be unable to produce those stat lines. I think he’ll still have amazing stats, but he’ll constantly be compared to his previous seasons’ work, and that coupled with voter fatigue (the only reason why Rose won his MVP compared to LeBron,) spells disaster for LeBron. At least for this year.

I think Kevin Durant gets his first MVP trophy this season. He’ll have approximately 20 games without Russell Westbrook to prove he can do it. Durant’s numbers will be up, and hopefully he shows he can lead a team without a sidekick. At least for those 20 games. If he does, he’ll almost lock down the wholeshot of the MVP race.

Who I’m rooting for:

Duh, I’m rooting for Sir Kevin.

Defensive Player of The Year:

This one is always hard to predict. But I’m going with Tyson Chandler as my early favorite. It just feels right. An injured Amare Stoudemire spells more minutes for Chandler. Ibaka is going to get snubbed again, voters have shown over the past couple seasons that leading the league in blocks is not qualification for DPOY.

Who I’m rooting for:


I’m hoping Serge gets his first DPOY. He has become the leagues best shot eraser and protects the rim for one of the best all-around defenses in the league. We’ll see how voting goes.

Sixth Man:

Who’s going to win it:

This one’s tricky. I’m not actually sure who has a shot at this. It depends if Manu takes a trip back in time and channels vintage Manu, then he is obviously the favorite, but that’s probably not going to happen. Then there is reigning sixth man J.R. Smith. But with his troubles with the law, I’m not about to put him on my list of favorite candidates. I was going to lean towards Wilson Chandler, but it looks like he might start this year.

Who I’m rooting for:

Reggie Jackson, duh. And, hopefully, if he doesn’t get consideration for Sixth Man, he’ll be consider for breakout player of the year. That one’s really hard to predict, though.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty much rooting for whatever Thunder player is positioned with at least a snowball’s chance at the award.

Rookie of The Year:

Who’s going to win:

I’m leaning towards Victor Oladipo, he’s going to be thrust into a starring role early, and word is he might see some point guard work, so his assists might be up, if these speculations are actually true. Oladipo will be the star of a team in Orlando who will be trying to lose, attempting to get the first pick of the draft. It’s sad to me when organizations do this, but at least Magic fans will have the ability to root for Victor during the season.

Who I’m rooting for:

I’m not really interested in this award. The Thunder do have Steven Adams, but odds are he’ll spend the majority of his time in the D-League (see; Jeremy Lamb circa 2012, Perry Jones circa 2011) So here’s to Oladipo, I guess.

My Final Four:

Since the season hasn’t even begun, I feel silly trying to pick a championship team. So I’m going to predict the conference championship match-ups.

In the East, It’s going to be Miami-Chicago. That’s a given. The Eastern Conference lacks a lot of competition, but the cream of the crop is VERY good. Watch out for New York or Indiana to sneak into one of these spots. I’m not completely sold on Brooklyn yet, I think they’re a playoff team, but I doubt they go deep.

The West is a toss-up. Seriously. Winning the Western Conference Finals is the equivalent of beating the Final Four in Pokemon. That’s why it’s so crucial Westbrook get back to his old form in a hurry. We have Durant as our Pikachu, but someones going to figure out how to -somewhat- negate him. That’s when we bust out Russell, AKA Squirtle, AKA the best ever.

I think/hope it’ll be a Memphis-OKC match-up. But again, pick a name out of a hat to come up with someone who could usurp these two. Houston, LA Clippers, San Antonio, Golden State, and even, dare I say it, a healthy Minnesota team.

I’m excited for the regular season to begin tonight, we have the Bulls vs. the Heat tonight, my predicted ECF match-up. It’s sure to be a great one. And then tomorrow the Thunder start their season in Utah against the Jazz. Tune in to that one, even though its just the Jazz. The Thunder’s previous two season openers have been decided on buzzer beaters.


Needless to say, tonight I will be sleeping in my thunder pants.

Thunder up!

EDIT: How could I almost forget? Nick Collison Dressed up as Heisenberg (Walter White) for his halloween party.



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